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However, on a more serious note.

This is where I share the output of the workshop with you and some secret stuff that I have also added into the book. This link is ONLY for your eyes!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions on how I do my habit sheet, or if something is not working out. I will try my best to help. That way the whole workshop can work out for you, the way it did for me.

Also to keep you a bit more updated. I have published a book with these principles and I would love if any of you would hop on a Skype call to give me a testimonial about the workshop or the book. I will be able to use these testimonials for other people. To show what is possible and how you have implemented these principles.

So, If you are doing more things with your family. Or maybe, you have learnt to play guitar, because you make more time for stuff like that. That is something worth sharing. This could help spread the message and who knows maybe change someone’s life one day.

To be able to get this message across to as many people as possible, I really would like it if everyone from the workshop did it. I promise it will not take more than 5-10 minutes and if you want to ask me more questions, you can always do that! Just send an email to studio@whynot3.com .

Anyways, thank you for your support! It is because of your enthusiasm that this project has even started. Hopefully, we’ll see each other again soon.

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Contact me at: studio@whynot3.com


A reminder of what we did in the workshop:

We covered three things:

1) Life is divided into Health, wealth and relationships and I explained how they interacted with each other. Also, how there is an inner and an outer area to each of them. Contact me, if you need further explanation.

2) How to establish our Three CORE goals that will guide us to achieve great things. Also how we need to revisit them every week and also every six months.

3) How to plan your day-to-day using the habit sheet or any other planner.


Some links I mentioned:

The habit sheet (free):


Migoals Planner:


Omvana (free):


Passion planner (free):


Darren daily (free):


Vipassana techniques and intro to courses pdf (free):


Five minute journal (not free -> but you can see how to do it, which is free ):


1000 true fans article (free):


The bulletproof diet (it looks cliché, but believe me it worked for me) (free, unless you start buying the gadgets 😀 ):


Marks daily apple (free):



Some speeches I mentioned:

Will Bowen a complaint free world:


5 Tibetan rites:


Art Williams just do it:


A 15 Minute MindHack to Massively Enhance Your Brain Power and Emotional State Vishen Lakhiani :


Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford commencement speech:


Dr. John Gray – How to Stay Focused & Productive In a Hyper World


Intermittent fasting: an introduction by Jolly



Some books I mentioned:


7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey


A complaint free world by Will Bowen


Completely Cold by Kenton Knepper


Influence by Robert Cialdini


Lichaamstaal by Patryk Wezowski


Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus by John Gray


On writing well by William Zinsser


Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki


Scientific advertising by Claude Hopkins

Skinny on time management by Jim Randel

Staying Focused In A Hyper World by John Gray

Start with why by Simon Sinek


The definitive book of body language by Allan + Barbara Pease

The compound effect by Darren Hardy

The miracle morning by Hal Elrod

The secret by Rhonda Byrne

Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill


What are the five love languages by Gary Chapman

Work the system by Sam Carpenter


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