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Lova Kremer - Why Not 3? Work life balance for entrepreneurs

I’m Lova Kremer.

How are you doing today?

Have you ever heard someone close to you say that work-life-balance is a myth?

Or have you ever had a creative idea, but nobody in your environment supporting it?

Or maybe you’re just stuck in an environment (maybe a job, studies, …) and you can’t figure out how to get out of the rat race. You know you’re passionate, however, you don’t know what to do with that passion.


I am here to tell you to NOT lose hope! There is hope left and that’s what this blog is about. This blog is an outward reflection of what my team and I stand for here at Why Not 3? Work life balance for Entrepreneurs.


We believe that your life is worth something more than a cubicle, several overdue bills and burnouts every so often. We believe in inspiring freedom in you, so that you can go on and follow your passions and become the best you can be.


We do this by creating content that is practical, that we’ve experimented with and that has given us proven and measurable results.

I NEVER write or talk about something that I or my team have not tested. That is my first promise to you, if you feel like we are writing about something that we clearly haven’t fully tested, then you can email me personally at studio@whynot3.com , with the subject “YOU SCREWED UP”. As a thank you, I’ll even send you a free copy of my book Why Not 3? Work-life balance for Entrepreneurs. However, I don’t like to apologize so don’t hold your breath on that.

Now that the awkward promises are out of the way, let me tell you something that might satiate your hunger for knowledge:


Every Monday and Thursday we post videos on youtube; they range from practical tips to informative client testimonials. It’s really good fun and it takes us about 3-5 hours to shoot them and then another 4-9 hours to edit. (In case you were planning on launching a youtube channel yourself.)


Why Not 3 – Youtube channel


Every couple of weeks we will have a new Blog entry. They are very detailed and explain how you should hold yourself during certain exercises. However, the blog you are reading right now is “THE ONE”. This is the entry that I’ll keep updating, so you have an alphabetical overview of what is going on.



If you haven’t signed up to our community, then maybe you shouldn’t be here?

My best and most personal stuff gets shared through my email, this is where you can get updates about the launch of our Retreat program and our Secret community 4 to 12-week training programs (spoiler alert: they’re awesome, but are EXCLUSIVELY invite-only). I also share practical tips & tricks, new apps, and hacks that you can use to bio-hack your stress and start kicking ass at your job.

You will receive:

a) A free e-Book (that took us 8743 years to make). “Top 10 mistakes people make in balancing their work and life.”

Ipad Ebook why not 3 work life balance

b) My personal daily creed that took me from zero to multiple successful companies and becoming a public speaker. (There is a black version and a white version, in case you want to mix it up one day.)

DSC08057_DxO why not 3 work life balance

DSC08056_DxO why not 3 work life balance


A bonus excerpt from the Official book “Why Not 3? Work life balance for Entrepreneurs”. The book that is based on the workshop, which will launch later this year. It’ll have the most effective content on how to manage a hectic schedule, how to keep track of your health, and how to create time for your loved ones, even if you have a demanding job or business (while making more sales).

DSC08055_DxO why not 3 work life balance


The secret output that only attendees of the Why Not 3 workshop receive.


Updates on new blog entries or new youtube videos


So, what are you waiting for?

Click on the Get started button above and join our secret community of high achievers.


Ok, let’s move on.


As you may have noticed (if you saw our “superprofessional” testimonials). We divide the matrix, the universe and our Blog into three categories: Health, Wealth, and Relationships. If you are new to this blog, I would highly suggest to read our first blog post called:

Relieve your stress with our silent day

Here you will find a personal story that I share with you and that led to the creation of Why Not 3? Work life balance for Entrepreneurs.

You will find my #1 biohack to start making stress symptoms disappear. I discovered this biohack very recently and in a very surprising book. It is a practice that is as old as the bible (and that is not a metaphor).

I hope you enjoy the content and I’ll see you on the inside.


Short story before I end this post:

When I first came up with the idea of this book, people called me crazy. Now, a while later it’s becoming more realistic. Getting a publisher on board, the book is getting out of the editing phase. It can all happen, also for you.

As you will discover in my book I started off from zero, with no family to back me up. It was the realest “sink or swim” situation you can imagine, my environment was far from optimal and I didn’t know anyone entrepreneurial.

That in short are some of the reasons why my team and I at Why Not 3 are focused on helping you. So that all of us can enjoy being surrounded by a supporting community of entrepreneurial people, that are motivated to balance their work and life.


Lova Kremer

Founder of

Why Not 3? Work Life Balance for Entrepreneurs




15 tips for a decent work life balance over the holiday season

Meditation for those who can’t sit still…

Relieve your stress with our silent day




Pre-order our book here:

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