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101 Ways to Stop Procrastination and Enhance Productivity

101 Ways to Stop Procrastination and Enhance Productivity by Cassandra Wilson  Procrastination. We’ve all done it. We start watching an episode of Friends on Netflix and keep clicking the luminous “next” button. We think to ourselves, “No worries, each episode is only 30 minutes!” Then it’s 3 am and we remember we have a meeting […]

Killing Jet lag: Can’t sleep at night, what to do?

Do you travel often and get jet lag sometimes? Do you sometimes find yourself not being in your own bed? Are you struggling with falling asleep faster? I can probably go on with 10 more questions to see whether or not you struggle with jet lag, but I think you’re interested enough. Your reality is […]

6 tips to make your Passion into a Profession

This week’s question was so good, that I thought it could benefit You. Don’t focus on what it is about, rather focus on the how and why that I answer.   ****Original version Question****   Hi Lova!  Nice to see all the success you’re booking with your new book and company, congratulations! I remember when […]

Meditation for those who can’t sit still…

Meditation for those who can’t sit still… By Noémie Bouin   Did your best friend just tell you again how great meditation is and how it helped him so much? Did you feel like an utter fool sitting cross-legged in your room trying meditation? If you cannot sit still and are sick of new age […]

Start your Work-Life-Balance Journey Here

Hey there! I’m Lova Kremer. How are you doing today? Have you ever heard someone close to you say that work-life-balance is a myth? Or have you ever had a creative idea, but nobody in your environment supporting it? Or maybe you’re just stuck in an environment (maybe a job, studies, …) and you can’t […]