You’ve made it past the first week! As I’m typing this, I’m reminded of the hard work everyone in our team puts into their own personal development. Whether it’s as a filmmaker or working on their own skills. The supportive community we’ve built is, epic! And it’s just amazing that when you get through it you’ll have lifetime access to all the people, supporting you in anything that you do. So even though it’s tough now, It’s all worth it! 

Before we can welcome you though, we want to challenge you this week to see what your creative eye looks like and if you’re able to capture the basic skills of branding & design. Which is important when you’re building movies, commercials & animation. This challenge will make sure that you get the most out of understanding what is important when making something creative. 

In order to help you with your tasks this week we invite you to watch the videos below, and check out our instagram:

Below you’ll find some helpful tips to make your images & design more professional. We want you to be careful looking through the videos below, as we’ll be looking at the quality of your designs as well as spelling mistakes, and make sure that all images you use whether it’s for powerpoints, infographics or workflows are royalty free!


Please refer to your email for the deadlines.

Make sure to:

Take your time watching the videos below, as we will be looking at the quality of your designs!

We have made sure that all the videos below cover the essential parts of production (where to find royalty free images, how to edit in basic photoshop, how to mask images to create cool effects, and much more…). The videos below will give you an opportunity to create even better content, so make sure to do your best! If it’s really good, it might even get published!

7 Best Sites To Get Free Stock Images For Commercial Use, 100% free. CC0 Free Stock Images for Commercial Use. We’ve specifically chosen sites that offer Creative Commons Zero licenses or similar so that the images are free to use for commercial purposes.

0.Pexels: License: Creative Commons Zero.

1.Pixabay License: Creative Commons Zero. 

2. Realistic Shots License: Creative Commons Zero. See License.

3. Unsplash License: Creative Commons Zero.

4. Life of Pix License: Creative Commons Zero.

5. Gratisography License: Creative Commons Zero.

6. StockSnap License: Creative Commons Zero.

7. Snapwire Snaps License: Creative Commons Zero.

Documentary Series:

People of the World talk about Work-Life Balance

Part I: Do you believe in a balanced lifestyle?

  • We went out on the streets to ask 3 strangers whether or not they believe in a balanced lifestyle. A student, a young professional, and a happily married consultant;
  • Money was covered and the influence it can have on your balance;
  • Treating yourself can be a small but meaningful way to remember that you have a great life.

Part II: Do you enjoy your job?

  • We went out on the streets to ask 3 strangers whether or not they enjoy their jobs. A student, a young professional, and a happily married consultant;
  • The influence your job can have on your happiness can be huge;
  • The balance between money and enjoying your job is well touched here.

Part III: Dropping everything, what would you do?

  • We went out on the streets to ask 3 strangers what they would do if they would drop everything one single day. A student, a young professional, and a happily married consultant;
  • The importance of taking a rest can have a huge influence on your happiness;
  • The perfect day was touched, without us even mentioning our concept of the perfect day. This shows that this principle is universal and should be implemented into your life if you want to have a goal to strive for.

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