Enough with all these “magical” solutions.

It’s ridiculous how many self-proclaimed dieticians I see roaming around the Internet, requoting what false studies seem to proclaim is the ultimate “healthy” way of living.

Clearly, they know how to get six-pack abs so they must know how to make you lose weight and become healthy, right?


In the past year, I’ve been picking up their pieces by healing my clients, which also brings losing weight as a side effect NOT as the original goal. Because if losing weight is your goal, you can do what they do in martial arts, which is just racing the treadmill while sitting in a sauna. You’ll lose 3 kg’s in 1 day if you want to.

Being healthy has a different meaning as you can see in one of the client testimonials here:


Losing weight, and becoming healthy are not the same.

With this blog post, I’ll finally show you the difference between someone who has Science backing him or her up, and a Body Builder trying to give you six pack abs while making you unhealthy in the long-term process.

The best part is I’ll be using me as the lab rat. I’m not a doctor, just a normal person. Just like you.

Now throughout this blog post, you might be thinking that I used some kind of “shortcut” that I don’t share with you, don’t worry I didn’t. Science really does make life much simpler.

So if it sounds simple, it is.

The reason nobody tells you this discovery is because it’s only recently discovered, but unless you’re a medical practitioner the chances are that you will only hear about it in 20-30 years.

Just think about smoking, it took decades before the medical industry finally admitted that it was bad for you. Unfortunately, we live in a world where our medical industry is really that slow and filled with stubborn people that are not open for new stuff.

I understand, sometimes, where those doctors are coming from. There is sooo much crap out there, at the end of the day they just want to do their job and get back to their families.


But, that’s not reason enough for me. EVERY doctor no matter how big or small has to give the Hippocratic Oath1 at the end of their studies.

BEFORE I dive deeper into sharing my discovery I want to shed some light on a BIG problem in our society, that might interest you to understand how the medical industry works. That way you’ll know what to ask your diet “expert” or doctor when sitting across from him or her.

If you don’t feel like reading this just skip below to the title where I share my discovery.

For those that stayed let’s dive a little bit deeper into the matrix.

Here are some relevant parts of the Hippocratic Oath to give you some context:


To hold my teacher in this art equal to my own parents; to make him partner in my livelihood; when he is in need of money to share mine with him; to consider his family as my own brothers, and to teach them this art, if they want to learn it, without fee or indenture…”

I will use treatment to help the sick according to my ability and judgment, but never with a view to injury and wrong-doing. Neither will I administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a course.” –


Let’s dissect these two paragraphs for a moment before we jump into what I discovered.

1. The first paragraph of the oath: Without fee or indenture

It talks about sharing the knowledge in a way that is without fee. Yet, all of the great cutting-edge knowledge is only shared at the top of the medical profession. In order to get around this 1% you need ridiculous credentials. An average doctor around the corner doesn’t have the finances nor the network to get into any of those conferences or around those people. Unless, like me, they make it their life purpose to get into those circles.

It took me half a decade before we finally got certified by institutions like the ALCAT laboratories in the U.S. and Europe.

The reason we didn’t get it before, is because I didn’t even know it existed. I thought that before ALCAT I knew where to find the latest research around nutrition and health, thanks to my friends who were healers.

Little did I know that I wasn’t even close.

I discovered these healers in the beginning because I was suffering from extreme stress symptoms. I suffered from things like chronic hyperventilation (breathing in a bad way).

I had temporary paralysis on my limbs throughout really stressful periods, and burnouts on a regular basis. Those healers fixed me after years of doctors not being able to do anything, and a ton of money wasted. There were points where I signed up for diving lessons, just to get an oxygen mask give me that sense of relief.

When Why Not 3 got certified by the ALCAT center2 it opened up, even more, doors.

For the first time, ever, I had access to the top 1% of doctors in the medical field. People that graduated from the Ivy league, were practitioners on a daily basis. Suddenly, ALL of the stuff I heard my clients suffer with on a daily basis was being explained in front of my eyes at a conference. That’s when I realized that whatever these cutting edge people discuss right now, will only be common knowledge in 20 years, once the media properly picks up on it.

A good example of this, even though it’s not medicine, is global warming. There are still some weirdos denying that. Unfortunately one of those weirdos is also the president of the U.S., which makes me glad to be a European citizen (and no we’re not getting bombed every day in Europe – that was just Sweden, right Mr. Trump?).

But, that’s off topic.

The point I’m trying to make is that the oath is already broken if this material isn’t shared properly, because of what the pharmaceutical industry thinks is profitable. This is a conversation that you need to be aware of when first walking into your doctor’s office, and it’s a conversation that needs to be maintained.


2. The second paragraph of the oath: not administering a poison, even when asked

It says that a doctor will always help the sick and never to cause injury, and never ever give them poison in the process. EVEN if they ask for it. And here comes the whole problem. If you’re a doctor and you’ve studied for more than 8-12 years, why in the world would you suddenly stop learning???

Whatever you might have learned 10 years ago, might be already been debunked and you would never know. An example of that was brought up by a speaker at one of the conferences I saw: Dr. Alessio Fasano MD3, who to me was an interesting doctor to listen to, and has published many articles about the causes of gluten on the immune system (still ignored by the majority).

Here you have a guy that has won many awards and proven himself as a doctor, yet you have common practitioners (and even less qualified “dieticians”) that ignore his advice. They ignore his advice without even doing their own research that could contrast the research Dr. Fasano is making. Then, worst of all, they go to their clients recommending them shitty diets for certain diseases.

The point I’m making is if you have a doctor or life coach, or diet “expert” that doesn’t get their research from a scientific source, and it’s clear that they are not open to new knowledge then what the hell are you doing following them for health advice?

Now, the BIG Problem is shown. My rant is over, let’s get to the fun stuff, and how you can actually make it EASY for yourself to lose weight and become Healthy.


30-Day Challenge

The Fun Stuff of how I ate Fries, butter, and potato chips and actually lost weight with science:

#firsttimeInstagrampicturelikefoodiesdo (hope it came out fine):


and here are my Belgian fries ( It’s not French fries. I’m belgian, we don’t have much, but we did invent the fries, so the french aren’t taking them from us).


BUT, there is a big BUT. Those aren’t just normal fries, nor are those normal potato chips that you can find at your local supermarket (or Albert Heijn for the dutchies).

But first, as all of these blog posts do, here is a screenshot of my Wifi weight scale (yep, that’s a thing, and it’s cool).


*I’m 183 cm (6 foot).


We’ll ignore everything that I did in January and February (if you really want to know I went in 2 months from 83,7 kilograms (kg) on 21/01/2017 to 81,3 kg on 13/02/2017). I didn’t do much in those months to lose weight as we had to rebuild business after the holidays, and considering I had just scaled to a new country in September, it was a pain in the ass. Nonetheless, I did manage to readjust my diet and save myself 2,4kg’s in 1 month.

Anyways so I went and ordered the ALCAT test, here is an unboxing of it:


On 15/03/2017 at 10 am I get my ALCAT test results as a pdf in my inbox. This is what it looks like:

Alcat test

(* DISCLAIMER: This is MY ALCAT test, based on MY bloodwork. This is not a reflection of how you should be eating -> Which is what every dietician should know.)

The first 2 days as you can see by the date on my weight scale I didn’t bother to track anything.

Again, as I described in my book, I never think that I’m anything special. I somehow always foolishly assume that everyone knows what I am. But I’m getting better at sharing what is necessary, like this.

Anyways, I’m pretty sure my weight was closer to 83kg, because I just went through an internal crisis in my business and I had a lot to do to pick up the pieces, and health was taking a back-burner at that time. On the 16th I started tracking my food and the 17th I start tracking my weight, because I realized then that the results are going to be crazy. Which is at that point that I send out the email to my email list, and say that I’ve discovered something ridiculously cool and that I’ll be writing a blog post about it.

30-Day Challenge

Here are my days written down in detail of what I did, which was pretty much ONLY eat the foods on the green list, and make sure that they are high quality, and low in toxicity, and cook them properly like biohackers explain. Which is how I could eat the above potato chips and belgian fries and still lose weight. Biohackers to follow include people like Mark SissonDave Asprey, and a good friend of mine Jolly. In essence, don’t cook on too high temperature, and definitely no burning of your food:


DAY 1 – 16/03/2017:

Intermittent fasting (I’ve been doing this for 3 years already – my blood tests read better than with breakfast on a full fat diet)


  • French Organic fries (ingredients include white potato and sunflower oil -> both on my green list, no additives).
  • full fat yoghurt (skimmed milk is the worst thing you can eat/drink -> That’s for another blog post) + Raw Honey + Pear + Almonds
  • Cheese
  • Olives with Basil


  • French fries (hey, don’t judge, I hadn’t eaten them in a while, I was going to enjoy myself).
  • Grass fed Kerrygold unsalted butter -> Not all “grass fed” butter is created equally as I had to find out in the Netherlands.
  • peas
  • turkey
  • mayo
  • himalayan pink salt (normal salt is not good if it’s from the Atlantic Ocean -> Norway dumps their trash in there. Deserves another blog post from my time working with the Council of Europe.)
  • Olives with Basil


DAY 2 – 17/03/2017:

Intermittent fasting

Interesting fact, I woke up at 7:50 am, which I almost never do.


  • Mango (I try to keep fruit below 25gr fructose. Science is slowly catching up to this.)
  • Pork sausages with mustard
  • Almonds
  • Garlic + Cayenne pepper + Himalayan Salt
  • Almond drink



  • White potato + butter + Himalayan Salt + Garlic + Cayenne pepper
  • Mushrooms
  • Mandarins
  • camomille tea
  • white rice
  • soy beans


DAY 3 – 18/03/2017:

Intermittent fasting.

Woke up at 7:05 am (crazy normally I wake up at 8.30-9ish). Start noticing more clarity and brain fog lifting even more than before. Cracking of my fingers is becoming less and less everyday.


  • Mango
  • Olives + Basil
  • Rice + C Pepper + Basil + Garlic
  • Almonds
  • Turkey


  • Cheese, butter, & salmon
  • salade, garlic, apples, oil, apple cider vinegar, red onions, salt, egg whites, salmon , olives.


DAY 4 – 19/03/2017:

Intermittent fasting.


  • Cheese
  • Potato Chips
  • Cay. Pepper + Salt + butter



  • Fries + Cay. Pepper + Mayo
  • Pork Sausages


DAY 5 – 20/03/2017:

Intermittent fasting till dinner (once or twice a week it’s good to do that to flush the system -> Read my post about the silent day).

1 meal at the end of the day.

  • Cheese
  • Fries + Cay. Pepper
  • Olives
  • Turkey


DAY 6 – 21/03/2017:

Intermittent fasting till dinner. This one was by accident my company websites had crashed and we had to work the whole time with the team to get it back up as fast as possible.

But, if you’re good at fasting and you have a full fat diet, you don’t experience upswings or downswings when you fast.

1 meal at the end of the day.

  • Sushi (rice + Mushroom + Mango)
  • Soy Beans
  • Olives + Cheese + Salmon


DAY 7 – 22/03/2017:

Intermittent fasting.


  • Kebab (onion + salade + lamb meat) – not perfect, but I’ve experimented with their meat and it’s not completely affecting me. As a fast food in the middle of a busy business day it’s my best option.
  • 2x Apple


  • Fries + cheese + salmon
  • Turkey
  • Basil
  • Cay. Pepper
  • Butter


That’s it. In short, you’re noticing 2 things there. I didn’t mention how much of it I ate and how many calories it is.

Simple answer, once you’re on a high fat based diet it doesn’t matter how much you eat, as long as you stop when you’re full. If you would count how many calories I eat I would probably be between 3000-4000 calories a day. The key is to know the quality of your food. When I moved to the Netherlands I called every farmer that sells in the big stores, so I knew exactly what they feed their chicken and cows. Which is why I have to import my butter from Belgium (Kerrygold Butter). With import I mean hop on a train and buy my butter there.

Also, I didn’t mention exercise. Because I didn’t exercise. I have 2 international companies to run, and we had a huge crisis happen this week. I literally did not have time to exercise. I do plan to start exercising once I’m more used to the ALCAT diet, and have more variety in my dishes to choose from. At the end of the day we’re all striving for a work-life balance here at Why Not 3. This variety btw is crucial, DO NOT take my results here and expect you’re going to lose weight. This week was not a perfect week for me, because the best way is to have more variety in your diet so that you’re body doesn’t get used to it.

But, my point was to prove that as long as you have science (a proven blood test that measures food sensitivity like ALCAT) backing you up it doesn’t matter how perfect you do it, you ‘ll be on a much better path than any doctor or dietician could ever bring you.


Hope you enjoyed the post & make sure to share it with 2 or 3 friends.


Lova from Why Not 3?

30-Day Challenge



1.Hippocrates of Cos (1923). “The Oath”. Loeb Classical Library. 147: 298–299. doi:10.4159/DLCL.hippocrates_cos-oath.1923. Retrieved 6 October 2015.

2.http://alcat-europe.de/en/ ; “Your hidden food allergies are making you fat” – by Rudy Rivera & Roger D. Deutsch





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