Procrastination and how the 2 minute rule is CRAP for Master Procrastinators!

In this article I’ll share my Top 5 reasons why the 2 minute rule doesn’t work for procrastination. In there I’ll share some tips on how you can actually solve your procrastination.

Look it’s not easy, but…

Have you ever struggled to get off your chair to go to the gym?

Maybe you’re frustrated because you’re postponing that one Blog post or paper?

Read on because these tips might actually help you get off your chair FAST!

First, the main reason why the 2 minute rule is CRAP for Master Procrastinators.

If I’m not going to do it now, I’m not going to do it in 2 minutes, or 20 minutes or even 2 days. I’ll only start doing it once the deadline is so tight that I have to do it.

So, what’s your solution then to this procrastination drug that is taking over my world?

Reason 1 why the 2 minute rule is CRAP for Master Procrastinators. Know What to focus on:


Realize that it has nothing to do with techniques or principles. The reason you procrastinate is because you don’t like how the task makes you feel.

Now that you know that, you’ll have to find solutions to that problem. Instead of always trying to fix your ‘procrastination disease’.

Reason 2 why the 2 minute rule is CRAP for Master Procrastinators. Know your code or why:


Look the reality is that there is this new hype around self-awareness. But there doesn’t have to be, because it’s quite simple. Take the time to actually reflect what motivates you, and write it down on a paper. Do this exercise every day for 30 days, and you’ll start seeing a connection.

Knowing what your code or why is can bring you closer to the reason that you’re procrastinating.  Keep your life simple by having a compass that guides you.

Don’t walk around frustrated with the world. Figure out what bothers you, and you’ll be able to tackle procrastination in a more practical way.

Reason 3 why the 2 minute rule is CRAP for Master Procrastinators. It’s not fun:


Having rules doesn’t work for Master procrastinators. But, finding a fun game in a boring task can work for Master procrastinators. Gamify your life, make everything into a game and you’ll find to be quite happy. At least you’ll be less frustrated, and more keen to actually finish the task before deadline.

Reason 4 why the 2 minute rule is CRAP for Master Procrastinators. It doesn’t work every time:


If the 2 minute rule would be the golden elixir to fix procrastination everyone would be doing it. But, yet people that are successful don’t. What they do is they find their passions, and do that for the rest of their lives. So then we already know what the golden elixir is. Finding your passion, and actually doing that!

You shouldn’t be looking into techniques and principles to keep you from procrastinating. You should be looking into why you even procrastinate from the start.

Are you in the right industry?

Are you happy with the people around you?

Are you fulfilled?

These questions sound super vague, but at least you’re asking the right questions. Instead of asking yourself why the 2 minute rule doesn’t work every time.

Reason 5 why the 2 minute rule is CRAP for Master Procrastinators. There is no research backing this rule up:


The 2 minute rule is just some guy or girl that thought of something that helped them. They then share that with their friends, and so on, and so on… Because we’re all desperate to fix our procrastination (me too), but that’s not the way. Go for the things that actually have backed up research. Things like nootropics, HEG machine, neurofeedback, and so on…


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