Lately, I’ve been getting several requests to answer questions related to how to get out of unemployment.

One of the questions was this one:


What 10 things would you advise to find a job? 


Considering the subject I want to get really practical in this article. If you can’t be successful in finding a job with these tips, then there is a high probability you’re not cut out to start a business. Unless you found a job and then decided having a job is not for you.


Here goes in detail what I would advise doing with Prices & Time:


  1. Make a 1 page CV with a program like Word or something similar (cost 0$) (aprox. 1 hour-9 hour work)
  2. Make a one-pager website where you show off your copywriting, graphic design & website design skills. If you don’t have any you can check out Udemy, YouTube or even my 30-day challenge. (cost 10$ if you do everything on your own on a free online website -up to 100$ if you use a WordPress Template ) (aprox. 10 hour- 30 hour work)
  3. Make a video. Borrow a camera from a friend, or take someone’s smartphone, and make a simple 90-second video explaining who you are and what the best qualities you have. Make sure you set up your lights nicely, and the audio is good. (cost 0$) (aprox. 3 hour-6 hour work)
  4. If audio is not good, put your headphones of your phone next to you. Record your voice on the phone. (cost 0$)
  5. Edit the video on a free software like windows movie maker or iMovie. (cost 0$) (aprox. 1 hour-9 hour work)
  6. Upload everything. (cost 0$) (aprox. 1 hour-2 hour work)
  7. Go on Social media: Linkedin/ Twitter / … (cost 0$)
  8. Contact all people that are recruiters or HR. At least 50–100 a day. (cost 0$) (aprox. 7 hour-9 hour work)
  9. After one week follow up all of those people. (cost 0$) (aprox. 7 hour-9 hour work)
  10. Rinse and repeat. (cost 0$)

Once you have some income coming in just follow 1 advice that my mentor gave me a long time ago:

“Have multiple plates spinning, when one is not as interesting just focus on getting another one up in the air.”


Another answer I wrote not long ago that is relatable for the teenagers that are reading this:


4 cool things to do as a teenager that can give you up to 20k Income…

  1. eBay: Flip stuff on eBay. You buy something from a second-hand shop, or thrift shop and flip it on eBay. You’d be surprised how much you can make. There are people like GaryVEE who did entire episodes about that.
  2. AMAZON: Same story as above.
  3. Affiliate marketing: As a teenager, you can LEARN so much! You have so much time -> Get around successful people and offer them to fill their workshops, sell their book, … In return, some of them might offer to mentor you for free. If you don’t know how to fill up their workshop -> It’s easy just go on the street in that area, and spot the right kind of person and approach them and ask them if they want to join. Check your cities regulation on whether you need a permit for that, but some don’t need that.
  4. Door To Door Selling: There are charity companies, scouts, … All these kinds of organizations that need sellers. It’s the best way to learn to deal with rejection, and it’ll be one of the most valuable skills going into your life.

After all, is said and done, make sure to check out ONLINE as much as possible. Our society is shifting to that landscape, and you want to be on the forefront of everything, and be an expert practitioner. There aren’t many people that have built an amazing following with their own bare hands, and companies love that kind of stuff.


Let’s also cover the book’s aspect questions like these. Usually, some people might say to go read a book to find a solution. However, knowing how hard this period can be I can tell you a book is not the solution. I covered that answer in a previous question as well.

Quick disclaimer before we jump into that section:

Even though this could be a perfect moment to promote a ton of books I want to warn you to treat unemployment seriously. When I was studying labor law it was easy to see that the chances of finding a job lowered if it wasn’t done right after graduating or leaving the previous employer. I’ve seen many people close to me, not treat this phase with the alertness that it deserves thinking the government would take care of them while they look for a job.

Unfortunately, there are limits to that kind of kindness, so do whatever it takes to get the right job. However, you should have the tools right now to have your pick of jobs so that you don’t end up in a job that you hate.


Will books make you rich? hmm…

No, action will.

Read 10 pages , go apply it…

Read 10 pages, go apply it…

Read 10 pages , go apply it…

Read 10 pages, go apply it…

Read 10 pages , go apply it…

Read 10 pages, go apply it…

Example, you’re reading a book on how to sell. Go and sell a pen on the street, read 10 pages, go back to selling. Read 10 pages & go back to selling.

After finishing the book you’ll get the principles inside of them.

Hope that helps,



If you’re not on the 30-day work-life balance challenge yet, make sure to jump on it before it closes. I explain more of these tips in there and show you how I apply it into my daily life :

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